Maine Appalachian Trail Club builds 'privies with purpose'

WATERVILLE - Maine Appalachian Trail Club volunteers met today to build 'privies with purpose'.

The group has built eight structures like this so far as part of an effort to replace over 40 along Maine's section of the Appalachian Trail.

MATC volunteers partnered with the Dean of the UMaine College of Engineering to build these structures.

"This is a compositng privy, which we think we're the leading edge of technology for all the privies in the Appalachian Trail corridor," said Dana Humphrey, Dean of the UMaine College of Engineering.

"[The Appalachian Trail] is preserved by volunteers up and down from Georgia to Maine and in order to preserve and protect the trail we need volunteers for these projects," said Laura Flight, campsite committee chair for MATC.

This building process will then be shown off at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Conference at Colby College, which runs August 4-11.

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